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Step by step instructions on how to improve your website's ranking in search engines in ways that fully comply with Google's Quality Guidelines. This course is good for both complete beginners and intermediate SEO's.

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Stay up to date on changes in Google's algorithms and other search engine news. This newsletter will not only tell you what is new, but will also give you step by step easy to follow instructions on ways to take advantage of these changes and improve your website.



Marie Haynes' Disavow Blacklist

Not sure which links to disavow? This tool allows you to check a big list of links against Dr. Marie Haynes' disavow blacklist. Results are shown both on the screen and in a downloadable CSV. This is a great tool for those who regularly audit sites. It's not a full link audit, but it can help save hours of time.



Recommended Products

Unnatural Links Recovery

Unnatural Links - The Complete Guide to Recovery by Dr. Marie Haynes

$89  Temporarily reduced to $39.

This book was published by Dr. Marie Haynes in early 2013 and has been used by hundreds of site owners to help them remove a manual unnatural links penalty administered by Google. The book gives step by step instructions on how to get this type of penalty removed.