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Google's Quality Raters' Guidelines

The key to SEO success in 2020 and beyond.

Are you a website owner? Do you work in SEO? Understanding Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines is must-have knowledge as you move forward with your SEO strategy.

Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines is a large document that is given to thousands of people whom Google hires as contractors. The goal of these guidelines is teach these “Quality Raters” how to assess the overall quality of a website. Marie Haynes has pored through the guidelines word-by-word, developed optimization strategies, and is seeing amazing results with her clients in implementing these strategies. In this book, she shares the tips and how-to’s that will help you improve your site’s quality in the eyes of Google.

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Experience, Authority & Trust


Your Money or Your Life


On and off site reputation

Scientific Consensus

Quality raters guidelines BOOK


The over 40-page guide includes:

  • A breakdown of each section in Google's Quality Raters Guidelines
  • Instructions on how to investigate each potential issue and the recommended changes
  • Which types of ads are considered low quality by Google
  • How to find potential reputation issues with a business
  • What Google says about how they measure and value E-A-T
  • Examples of good author E-A-T
  • How to determine if page content is low quality
  • What to expect after implementing E-A-T related changes
  • Also contained within the document: An explanation that is geared towards helping clients understand the section better, a screenshot from the QRG, and a section on what to check

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