Scientific Consensus Whitepaper

Our best advice for improving Google’s trust for your medical website

In September of 2019, Google made changes to their algorithm that caused many medical sites to suffer drops in rankings. It is our belief that at this time, Google started to demote websites that clearly spoke on medical topics in a way that is contrary to scientific consensus. 

We have written a full article on our thoughts on whether Google is suppressing medical sites that contradict scientific consensus.

If you run a medical site, you may be wondering how to determine whether this is an issue for you, and how to remedy the problem. This whitepaper, which took many weeks for Marie and the team and MHC to research and write, gives our best practical advice on how to improve your site’s quality in Google’s eyes.

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Testimonials and Case Studies

At MHC, our primary focus is in helping websites that have been negatively affected by Google algorithm updates. We are really proud of our results. While we don’t claim to have all of the answers, we pay attention to every word Google has said or published in regards to quality. Whenever someone from Google mentions that something could contribute to how they assess quality in a website, we take note and recommend changes for our clients. We have been doing this extensively for over eight years now and have many amazing success stories.

Well known nutrition site sees improvements

This site writes on medical topics surrounding nutrition. While they do many things right in terms of E-A-T, we noticed that many of their pages cover topics that most traditional physicians would not recommend. We worked with them to improve content that contradicts scientific consensus. While they haven’t recovered completely since their June 3 hit, they are consistently ranking in the top three positions on Google for most of their most important keywords now.

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eCommerce medical site sees massive gains

This site was not hit by the June 3 update. They had several issues which we helped them improve upon including trimming out thin content, and improving their reputation online. They did also take the information in our scientific consensus whitepaper and put it into action. We believe this is a big component to their recent success.

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Medical advice website sees great improvements

Again, this is a site that has been working on many quality improvements. They have improved many elements of E-A-T. The information in our medical consensus whitepaper has helped them improve their content from a trust standpoint as well.

Google organic traffic in GA (shared with permission)


Does the whitepaper give practical advice?

We do our best in the whitepaper to expound on our theories and give proof where we can. Our goal was to provide you with truly practical ways in which you can assess your content, determine what can be improved and then make those improvements.

I don’t want to do the work. Can MHC do this for us?

We are currently helping some of our past clients to audit their pages from the standpoint of being in line with medical consensus. If you are interested in having the MHC team review your website, we would recommend that you start by having us do a thorough site quality review. If we deem that contradicting scientific consensus is an issue for you, we will give you practical advice on finding and dealing with the issues. We can then quote you for having our team do a content review for you. Please know that we generally have a significant waiting list.

Can you guarantee my site will improve if I buy this whitepaper?

Not every site that we work with can improve. If the entire focus of your site is to disprove mainstream medicine, then unless you are clearly recognized as a trustworthy authority in traditional medical circles, Google may not ever want to rank your content again. But, if you have a trustworthy brand, improving your content in the eyes of being in line with scientific consensus has great potential to help.

I follow your newsletter and listen to Marie’s podcast. Is there information in this whitepaper that I don’t already have?

Yes! We have included quite a bit of information in this paper to go into even more detail on this topic. We are most proud of the process we explain in this paper that describes how to find your content that could be seen as low quality because of contradicting scientific consensus. We also have included an example spreadsheet and show you step by step how to work through it.

“The work of Marie Haynes Consulting has been key for us to thrive in a post Medic update Google world. There are no shortcuts, but there is a way. MHC’s whitepaper on scientific consensus shows you exactly how.”

– Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

Founder and CEO

Diet Doctor

Scientific consensus whitepaper & QRG book bundle


  • Includes a copy of the QRG book for a $99 value.
  • What the Quality Raters’ Guidelines say about Scientific Consensus.
  • How to determine whether your content, or more specifically, which parts of your content could be seen as contradicting scientific consensus.
  • How to clearly communicate the beneficial purpose of each page of your site.
  • How to determine whether some of your content should be separated out into its own subdomain or subfolder.
  • How to make sure that your title tags are not clickbaity or biased.
  • How to structure your pages to inspire trust from your readers.
  • How to determine whether recovery is possible or whether you should be focusing on other traffic sources rather than Google Search alone.
  • How to determine whether there are other potential aspects of your site and content that could cause Google to distrust it.

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