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Upload a list of links and see which ones are on Marie’s disavow blacklist


This tool is a huge timesaver for anyone who regularly runs site audits, traffic drop assessments or link audits.

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Alan BleiweissAs a professional site auditor, I have spent thousands of hours reviewing inbound links for client sites over the years. A number of tools exist to help this process, yet for my work, none has helped me rapidly identify and classify URLs or domains in bulk in a simple to use way that fits my particular audit model.

Until now. Now, Marie Haynes Bulk Upload Disavow Blacklist answers that need. I’ve run tens of thousands of URLs through the tool at one time, and the CSV it generates makes it effortless for me to flag known spam and likely spam URLs and domains.

While I still manually check many URLs and domains myself (no tool is ever all-encompassing), this tool is already saving me countless hours. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs or wants a quick way to help reduce the manual workload.

Alan Bleiweiss, Forensic SEO Consultant


Can I enter domains instead of urls?

Yes, but if you enter urls you’ll get better results as you’ll be able to click on the links produced and look for your site’s link.

What happens if I enter a bunch of urls from the same domain?

That’s ok! The tool will check the domain once and spit out one result for that domain.

Is this list guaranteed to be accurate?

As no one can say with certainty which links Google considers to be unnatural, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of each domain. However, this list contains sites that I almost always disavow (or almost always ignore) when I come across them in a link audit.

Is it still even necessary to disavow now that Penguin 4.0 simply devalues links rather than demotes for them?

Google has said that their recommendations for using the disavow tool have not changed. Having unnatural links pointing to your site can increase the risk of a manual action for unnatural links, which you DO NOT want. Also, Google has hinted that there are other algorithms that use links.

Can I simply run my links through this tool and file a disavow?

No. This tool will not find every unnatural link. It is only meant to be used to weed out the worst of the spammy links. A full link by link manual audit is still recommended.

Can I send a list of domains for you to add to your blacklist?

I often get people offering to give me their disavow lists for me to add to my disavow blacklist. However, one of the points I value the most about my blacklist is that I can personally vouch for every single domain on the list. As such, thank you for offering, but I do not accept other people’s contributions to the list.

Can I get a demo?

If you’re not sure whether this will be helpful, I’d be happy to run one free use of the tool for you provided you are serious about purchasing. Shoot me an email at marie [at] mariehaynes [dot] com and send along some urls for me to run through the tool.

More Questions? Contact Marie.

$250 per year (unlimited access)


$25 per month (unlimited access)

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