Unnatural Links Recovery

by Dr. Marie Haynes


Unnatural Links RecoveryEverything you need to know in order to get an unnatural links penalty removed from your site.

This ebook, written by Dr. Marie Haynes has helped hundreds of webmasters to successfully remove a manual unnatural links penalty.

We just wanted to let you know that after studying your guide and applying everything we learned, we were able to get one of our clients Manual Penalties lifted on the very first try!

Your guide Rocks!

Colan Nielsen, Imprezzio Marketing


The book includes the following:

  • General information on what these penalties are and why your site got a manual review.
  • Information on gathering and evaluating your links.
  • Tips for link removal including an example email template to use as well as tips to help combat the common problems that arise when sending out link removal request emails.
  • Tips for using the disavow tool.
  • An example reconsideration request.
  • What to do if you fail.
  • What to expect once your penalty is lifted.

Price Reduced from $89 to $39. Here's why...

This book was originally written in 2013. It contains excellent information that is still extremely pertinent and helpful for removing a link based manual penalty today. However, there are a few things that are out of date.

For example, Google has changed the wording on their responses to reconsideration requests. Also, the book recommends only using links from Webmaster Tools but I now recommend getting a list of links from multiple sources.

However, you still have all of the information you need in this book to get a manual Google penalty removed.

Once the book is updated, the price will return to $89.

Marie’s book “UNNATURAL LINKS The Complete Guide to Recovery” was INSTRUMENTAL to getting our manual, “Partial Spam Action” removed. I used it as a base for our reconsideration requests, as it maps out the entire prices from A to Z in a very easy to follow guide. We also hired Marie for some consulting, and she pointed out some holes in our request which we patched up right away. Our website is now out of the manual penalty, and Maries’s know how and research was a big part of our success.

Purchase now for $39

Everything you need to know to get your manual Unnatural Links penalty removed.

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